The Pork Story… (Don’t worry it has a happy ending)

So hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve played Pork… well no that isn’t right let me start again. So hopefully if you’ve played Pork you’re reading this. There that’s more like it. I want to get started by saying goodbye – to Pork that is not to you, I’d love to say “Hello!” and “Welcome back!” to you. Ahem… Goodbye Pork we had a good run ‘ol buddy ‘ol pal.

Well now that that’s over I should probably offer an explanation. As most of (all) the readers of the Pork blog should know Andy Brennan is the one who started Pork by making Pork Script an engine that allows the user to created text-based adventure games. This started in our sophomore year of highschool  Pork script was written in C++ by the way (this is important later in the story.) Our friend TJ is actually the one who wrote the game known as Pork. I did artwork and started the Pork blog and helped And market the game (TJ had lost interest by this time.)

See the problem that arose (which was mainly my fault) is that Pork wasn’t meant to be the game Pork – it was meant to be a game engine Pork Script. Most of the people who downloaded Pork downloaded it to play the already made sample game which we called Pork. Yes pork was a sample game… this is what we never told anybody. The idea was to get people to create their own games not to play ‘Pork’ but this was never explicitly stated. I suppose we were assuming people would read the ‘readme’ which I put a lot of work into. Now we really do know what happens when we assume now don’t we?

Now Pork Script was written in C++ and Andy felt that the work he had done was below par and that he needed to update the Pork Script to make it more powerful and easier to use. The original idea was for him to create a revised version of Pork Script and have TJ or I write a game we would call ‘Pork 2.’ However, Andy soon realised that he needed to use a higher level programming language in order to achieve his goals and switched to Python. He wrote a few posts at that time for the Pork Blog if anyone is still interested in checking them out and I believe the project was still being referred to as an updated version of Pork at that time. Later though the connection to Pork was severed and ‘Satay’ was born. This event was also documented on the Pork Blog but not explicitly (Andy told the world that Satay was now on Github )

Next I made a prototype for a Satay logo using the *you guessed it* Pork monster! That’s been scraped… Satay is no longer connected to Pork and it needs its own monster – I-I mean logo *cough* excuse me.

If you enjoyed Pork I encourage you to follow Satay. If you are unfamiliar to any of this and you just stumbled across this blog post; I encourage you to follow Satay. Currently Satay is a very powerful user friendly text-based adventure/rpg game engine and It’s open source so anyone can help Andy improve it! There are no games made with the engine yet but I am working on a Science Fiction themed game that will be much more polished than the Pork Game was. It is tentatively titled Withering Wormholes and I am hoping to have it out by the end of Summer 2013. If you are interested in making your own text based game with the Satay game engine YOU ROCK! I will post links to everything you need to get started both on my personal blog and the Pork Blog. On a side note: make sure you download Python 2.7 before downloading Satay (Andy forgot to mention this in his readme.)

Forever Yours,